Why Hire a Bodyguard?

bodyguard2Bodyguards are hired to protect another person from harm . . . stuff like assault or abduction. Usually a bodyguard is hired to protect public figures, people like politicians or celebrities (or celebrities turned politicians, or politicians turned celebrities). If you fancy the life of a bodyguard bar any other profession, then here are a few facts you might like to know.

Bodyguard bar fact #1 – Bodyguards need lots of training, in combat, firearms, first aid, surveillance and crowd control.

Bodyguard bar fact #2 – Bodyguards are sometimes thought of as great big bullies, more muscle than brains which stand in between the public and their client. This is just so not true, bodyguards are actually well trained professionals which fulfill the security needs of their clients.

Bodyguard bar fact #3 – Some bodyguards are so unimpressed with the negative associations of Bodyguard bar fact #2, that they prefer to call themselves “Executive Protection” . . . sounds much more clever don’t you think?

I don’t care what the bodyguard in the photo is called, you certainly wouldn’t mess with him would you?

Why the Bodyguard?

bodyguardFrom the quietly attentive parent, to the Roman Praetorian Guard, to the U.S. Secret Service, there have always been people who served by safeguarding others. So it is with us.

Why do I need a bodyguard? Simply being in business, by definition, takes courage. It requires management of the constant tension between opportunity and risk. Just as with their human counterparts, a business’s ongoing safety requires a watchful eye, aware and alert of danger. At the same time, the business cannot thrive without facing risk, because opportunity dwells in the same place.

Our role is to quietly assess business risks, and to devise strategies so that those risks are: (1) avoided where possible; (2) intelligently managed, when avoidance isn’t possible; and (3) handled decisively, swiftly, and without drama when a risk transforms into a threat.